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20 000 km²

Capital Ljubljana (Bela's office is here!)
population cca 272 000

Currency EUR
Time CET (GMT+1)
Climate Continental/
Coastline 40 km

Highly diverse locations in max 2 hours distance. From Alps, to Mediterranean coast with luxurious locations. Green forests, waterfalls, wild rivers. Well organised infrastructure, clean environment and cities.

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56 000 km²

Capital Zagreb
population cca 850 000

Currency Kuna (HRK)
Time CET (GMT+1)
Climate Mediterranean/
Coastline 1777 km, 1187 islands

Coastline mainly rocky and dry, inland densely wooded. Austro-Hungarian style capital, several ancient Roman fortress towns. Long history in film, some of the lowest location rates in Europe.

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Bosnia and Herzegovina

51 000 km²

Capital Sarajevo
population cca 310 000

Currency Mark (BAM)
Time CET (GMT+1)
Climate Mild continental
Coastline 20 km

Locations vary from hilly and dry pine forest views to ethnically mixed city views in Sarajevo. Many villages in ancient Roman and medieval style.

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88 000 km²

Capital Belgrad
population cca 1 600 000

Currency Dinar (RSD) (+EUR)
Time CET (GMT+1)
Climate Moderate continental

Locations are dominated with rugged Dinaric alps, big rivers and dry forests, many ruins of fortresses. Capital city has diverse views varying from high end buildings to a vast shacktown area.

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14 000 km²

Capital Podgorica
population cca 137 000

Currency EUR
Time CET (GMT+1)
Climate Mediterranean/alpine
Coastline 293 km

The "Black Mountain". Rugged limestone mountains and deep canyons are the dominating landmark of the country, perfect when looking for contrast. Coastline where fjords run between high peaks of mountains.

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25 000 km²

Capital Skopje
population cca 507 000

Currency Makedonian denar (MKD)
Time CET (GMT+1)
Climate Mediterranean/continental

Gets it's character from several historical periods. A ancient centre of Greece, Rome, had a long era of Byzantine and Ottomans. Culturally main site is lake Ohrid, a blue lake by rocky hills with mediterranean fauna. A Unesco World Heritage Site.